An overview of bike tours in Barcelona

Barcelona is known to be a beautiful city which is filled with several architectural wonders that are visited by thousands of tourists belonging to different parts of the worlds. These places are so beautiful that they serve as a feast for the eyes of the art lovers. There are several different ways to go around exploring different parts of Barcelona but the best way to feel the actual essence of the city is to be a part of one of the bike tours that are arranged by different organizations to promote tourism in Barcelona.


This kind of tours is ideal for both tourist groups as well as for individual travelers. There are guides who speak several different languages so whatever part of the world you belong to, communication would not be an issue if you want to go sightseeing while taking a bike tour. In addition to this, the entire ride is known to be pretty smooth and relaxed since there are no slopes or tedious hills in Barcelona.


There are different kinds of bike tours that are arranged by different parties for different types of tourists on different times of the day. Before you sign up for one, you can go through the perks offered by different companies and then go for the one that appears to be the best choice according to your requirements. If we talk about these tours through a general perspective, they usually cover a ground area of almost 11 kilometers which take almost 4 hours to complete. All the tours normally start from Barric Gotic which is a famous monument. Covering all the famous sights, the fellow tourists gather around at a finishing point where they get to meet and greet with other participants over pints of cold beer. The entire experience is very relaxing and soothing since it allows you to discover the beautiful city in a more peaceful and intimate fashion. Unlike typical tours, going for a bike tour is calmer and more peaceful since you do not have to be a part of congested crowds who are gathered around different monuments and other sights all the time.

People prefer going for bike rides for a number of different reasons. Mostly they decide to become a part of it as this way they get to take their own time in order to fully enjoy different places without having any restrictions and a clock to follow. They get to enjoy the beautiful sights and take as many pictures as they want to without getting hurried or disturbed by the guides in any way.

There are different tourist attractions that are usually covered by bike tours in Barcelona. These inclide the Barri Gotic, Plaza Sant Jaume, Plaza del rei, La Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Zoo – Parc de la Ciutadella and several others as well. You can also go for custom bike rides in order to spend some time in places you like the most in the city.