Bike tours in Barcelona

Barcelona attracts the attentions of thousands of tourists from across the globe every year. They come to this city to witness the beautiful architecture and diverse culture of Barcelona. There are multiple tourist spots and beautifully constructed historical buildings which serve as nothing less than a feast for the eyes of the art lovers. Keeping in view the beauty and classy architecture of the entire city, the local authorities have been much worried about the issue of increasing pollution within the city. That’s the reason why they have introduced the initiative of bike riding for tourists instead of using any other means of transportation.


There are many different governmental as well as non governmental agencies that offer bike tours to the visitors of the city. These tours are available in exchange of a pretty nominal amount of money which is much lesser in comparison to the amount you would have to pay if you hire a taxi. Not only that but you also get to experience the essence of the city from a closer perspective. Riding to different historical buildings and tourist spots on a bike makes the experience more intense and real since you do not depend upon another person to take you through different parts of the city.

Every week different bike tours are organized by different tour operators in order to serve the requirements of different tourists. Keep in mind that you can rent out a bike and explore the city if you are a part of a big group or if you are travelling alone as well. You get to hop on your bike and ride off to all the famous places in Barcelona and the best part is that you may spend as much time as you want to and take as many pictures as you want to without getting constantly bugged by someone to follow the clock.


Since the tourists come to Barcelona from all across the world, language is usually a big barrier when it comes to communicating with the locals. Keeping this issue in mind, the tour operators have hired guides who speak a number of different languages with fluency. So regardless of the language you speak, the language barrier would not be able to let you down as you would be able to fully communicate with the guides in order to learn anything about the local culture and beautiful historical buildings in the area.

Several bike tours are organized every day in order to suit the convenience of the tourists. You can become a part of a day tour or an evening tour according to your own preference. These tours usually require you to cover a distance of almost 11 to 12 kilo meters which takes around 4 hours to complete. So you can decide which one of the tours suit your needs on the basis of this information. At the end of each tours, the tour operators usually serve you some cold beer to socialize and swap life stories with other participants as well.