Beginners’ guide to bike tours in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place to hang out and spend a few days in order to regain all your strengths by escaping from your hectic routine life for a few days. Its full of beautiful tourist spots and other attraction that make you feel much better about yourself. So if you are planning on going to a vacation in the upcoming days, considering Barcelona would be a great option. There are different ways to exploring this beautiful city. Roaming around on bikes while being a part of one of the bike tours of the city is a great choice in this regard. A few details on such kind of bike tours are discussed below for your convenience.


The local authorities at Barcelona have been taking the issue of environmental pollution very seriously. That’s the reason why they have been promoting the use of bicycles for both tourists as well as local residents. Keeping that in mind, they have initiated the establishment of bike lanes in different parts of the city. Since 2007, there have been developed several bike lanes connecting different areas of Barcelona which cover almost all the famous sights worth seeing. These lanes allow bikers to conveniently move across the entire city while enjoying different tourist attractions in an economical fashion that goes easy on the climate as well. Not only that but the whole thing has taken the form of an emerging business now. Several companies organize different bike tours for tourists from across the world every day in the holiday seasons.


Barcelona has managed to become one of the best public biking systems in the entire Europe. There are more than 400 biking stations that are scattered all across different parts of the city. So all you need to do is to head to your nearest biking station and get a bike to start exploring this beautiful city. The rates for these bikes are pretty nominal. So if you are looking for a budget friendly way of experiencing the real Barcelonan culture, renting out a bike is the best way to do that.


As mentioned above, several companies organize different types of bike tours of the city in order to meet the requirements of different kinds of tourists. These tours are arranged in mornings as well as in evenings. You can figure out a schedule that suits your needs and then be a part of one of these tours I order to fully enjoy the city in a natural and environmental friendly way. You can participate in such tours with your friends, family members or all by yourself according to your own requirements. There is a lot for you to discover so you can become a part of one of the morning tours. On the other hand, if you want to take a look at the beautiful architecture of the city decorated with beautiful lights, being a part of a nught bike tour would be the way to go.