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We are a small independent company made up of the most experienced guides in Barcelona.

​ For years we have (and still do) work for the other big companies in Barcelona and now we are working on our project. ​
​F​or the moment, we have teamed up with the super company ‘Excursions Barcelona’ to get our tours off the ground and we will be sharing some resources with them.
This is our project.

We aim to provide Eco friendly tours in a socially sustainable way, benefiting both our clients and preserving the culture, environment and heritage of our beautiful city.
​We just want to enjoy life, nature and our city, and we are happy to share all those aspects with anyone. that wants to join us.
Whatever your interests are, give us a shout and we’ll help you plan your perfect Barcelona adventure.

We can make your visit better

Our Team

We are a small team at this moment, and you will get the small company intimate tour sensation. We have no chain of command, we are friends before anything else.

Guide at Biketoursinbarcelona.com

Born in the US to Israeli parents, and moving between the two growing up, Linor always had a love for the international life. She traveled the world and found the best place to be was obviously Barcelona. Now she’s pursuing her passion for art and travel, leading tours all over this amazing city.

Bike Tours guide

He got side tracked by 4 other cities and 3 other languages, but finally made it to Barcelona.

Walking Tour guide

Just passing through….. apparently!
7 years later and this Anglo-American is still gracing us with his presence.
Threatened to leave Spain a few timers and even tried….. the Barcelona pull is just too great. We think he’s an adopted Catalan at heart these days.

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Barcelona, Spain


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